Some people would say that the first time to solve customer questions

Some people will say, customers as god to serve

Some would say make the customer feel at home


These statements are also correct and false, because these are directions and slogans, 

which are actually very empty.

We will quantify the service to the work, strictly implement and implement, 

and link it to performance appraisal.

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Develop SOP, quantify service rules through standard operation procedures

For example, in the email section, we will reply within 12 hours, even if it is only a quick reply

 In the order link, after receiving the customer order confirmation, the PI needs to be done on the same day,

 signed and sent to the customer

In the payment process, once the payment is received, a confirmation message must be sent to the customer 

to express formal receipt, thanking the customer

 In logistics, we not only make sure you get the right product but that it arrives on time for the right price. We 

 follow your shipment through to your door


Strengthen service advantages in the crisis

For example, after the sale, if you have any complaints, we will actively communicate with you, 

do our best to help you solve the problem ,and never shirk responsibility

Hubei Ou Rui Petroleum Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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The service customer is not in court, no need to argue right or wrong

What we have to do is to solve and deal with the problem for the customer, not to create more 

problems for the customer

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